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3 Essentials to Expect From a Good Roofing Warranty

3 Essentials To Expect From A Good Roofing Warranty

Given how a new roofing system is a huge investment, you’ll want to make sure you have all the bases covered. These include the warranty that comes with the new system. By understanding the coverage offered by the roofing warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to your investment in case anything goes wrong after the work is completed. Here’s what a good roofing warranty looks like:

3 Essentials to Expect From a Good Roofing Warranty
  1. Manufacturer Warranty
    Depending on the quality of your new shingle roof, the manufacturer warranty may offer coverage against ranging from 20 to up to 50 years. This type of warranty offers protection against material defects, which can cause your new roofing system to fail long before they should. While having a manufacturer warranty can be quite valuable, it’s actually subpar installation that’s the usual reason a new roof can break down prematurely.
  1. Workmanship Warranty
    Not every roofing warranty offers coverage against poor installation. That’s why you should work with a certified roof replacement company like [company_name] who represents some of the top roofing manufacturers in North America, including GAF and CertainTeed®. Aside from the manufacturer warranty included with your new system, we also have our own workmanship guarantee. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing you’re covered should any problem arise with your new roof.
  1. Wind and Algae Warranty
    High wind speeds can cause quite a bit of damage to a roof, making it easier for water to infiltrate the system and your home. Algae growth, on the other hand, can lead to unsightly discoloration in the roof surface – when overlooked, they can cause shingles to deteriorate completely. To prevent these problems, make sure your new roofing warranty offers coverage against wind and algae.

Keeping a well-performing and longer lasting roof is worry-free when you turn to premier roof repair and installation expert, [company_name] With our solid warranty coverage, we’ll help you get the most of your new roofing system. We proudly serve the areas in and around Pequot Lakes, MN. Call us today at [company_number], or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation. We’d love to hear from you!