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Answering Top Questions About Roof Maxx

Are you looking for an innovative, cost-effective way to save on costly roof repairs or replacements? Roof Maxx can help. In this post, you’ll know what this product is, how it works, the benefits it offers and the importance of hiring a professional Roof Maxx installer. 

Answering Top Questions About Roof Maxx

“What is Roof Maxx?”

Roof Maxx is a revolutionary product developed by the Ohio-based company Roof Maxx Technologies. It is an all-natural plant oil that helps restore lost flexibility and waterproofing to asphalt shingle roofs. This can extend the life of your existing roof up to 15 years.

“How Does Roof Maxx Work?”

The active ingredient in Roof Maxx is soybean oil derived from renewable sources. When applied directly onto your existing shingles, it penetrates deep into the material, revitalizing them and restoring lost elasticity. This improves the overall condition of your roof and makes it more resistant to the water damage caused by heavy rain or snowfall. The process also only takes about an hour for a trained professional to apply on most roofs.

“What Are the Benefits of Using Roof Maxx?”

Roox Maxx can help reduce energy costs due to improved insulation, prevent premature aging caused by UV rays, and protect your roof against mold growth. Moreover, Roof Maxx is an eco-friendly solution, and choosing it over traditional roof replacement options can help reduce your environmental impact.

“Is Maintenance Still Necessary After Applying Roof Maxx?” 

Although applying this product can extend your roof’s lifespan significantly over time, routine maintenance is still necessary. These maintenance tasks include checking flashing points around vents periodically and cleaning gutters regularly, whether they are regular or seamless gutters.

“Do I Need to Hire a Professional for Roof Maxx Installation?”

Yes, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional technician to install Roof Maxx. Leaving this job to an expert can help ensure that there won’t be any problems down the line.

If you need help extending your roof’s life, turn to us at Advantage Seamless Gutters. We are composed of roofing and gutter experts specializing in Roof Maxx and gutter installation in Alexandria, MN. To schedule a consultation, call (218) 270-2663 or complete our online form.