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Basic Ladder Safety Tips from the Experts

Basic Ladder Safety Tips from the Experts

Climbing a ladder is more dangerous than many people believe. Thousands of Americans end up in the emergency room due to ladder-related injuries. To avoid fall incidents and serious injuries, it’s best to leave jobs that require the use of a ladder, such as gutter installation or cleaning, to professionals. 

Basic Ladder Safety Tips from the Experts

Here are basic ladder safety tips. 

Use the Proper Type of Ladder

The ladder you’ll use should be appropriate for the task at hand. You must consider how much height you need and the weight the equipment can handle. Under what conditions will the ladder be used and will there be electrical lines overhead? 

Place the Base of Your Ladder on a Stable Surface

One must always place the base of a ladder on a stable foundation. Never place the equipment on wet or soft surfaces. Don’t lean a straight or extension ladder against windows and use a stabilizer and ladder leveler if necessary. Straight or extension ladders must be placed a foot away from the surface they are resting on for every four feet of the ladder’s working length. Make sure step ladders are fully opened before using. 

Use the Equipment With Caution

Professional installers of seamless gutters are trained to safely climb ladders. They make sure to review labels on ladders and check the condition of the equipment before using them. Pros also use slip-resistant footwear with clean soles to improve traction. 

Moreover, those who are feeling dizzy or fatigued should avoid using a ladder. Don’t use ladders if it’s windy outside. Ladders shouldn’t be moved while in use nor placed on boxes and other unstable objects for added height. 

For your safety, leave the installation and cleaning of your half-round gutters to experienced contractors like Advantage Seamless. You can reduce the need for using a ladder for cleaning your gutters with a quality gutter protection system. We install Valor Gutter Guards, made to minimize debris in your gutters. Give us a call at 218.558.0575 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We work with homeowners in Alexandria, MN.