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5 Crafts You Can Do With Fallen Leaves

5 Crafts You Can Do With Fallen Leaves

Now that autumn has arrived, you can expect to find a few fallen leaves in your yard. While most homeowners would think that the fallen leaves in their home are just extra chores to deal with, only a few actually know that you can do plenty of things with these fallen leaves. You can use them as fertilizer for your garden or you can pile them up and play around with them. Alternatively, you can also use them in a few arts and crafts projects.

Here, the local gutter installers of Advantage Seamless discuss the five crafts you can do with fallen leaves.

5 Crafts You Can Do With Fallen Leaves

  1. Candleholder Decorations – Fallen leaves can be turned into decorations for your plain candleholders. Simply apply a spray adhesive on the back of the leaves and wrap them around the candleholder. Once you’ve done that, cut off the leaf overhang along the bottom and place them around the house. Make sure to only do this with fallen leaves that aren’t dry and brittle or they’ll break.

  2. Wall Art – Once you’ve had your local gutter company clean your gutters, you can collect some of the fallen leaves and press them to turn into wall art for your home’s interior. If you see any leaves that have an interesting shape, color and size, don’t hesitate to get creative with them and have them framed to hang on your walls to breathe new life in your interior.

  3. Preserved Hanging Leaves – Leaves that aren’t dry and brittle yet can be dipped in wax for preservation. Once the wax has dried, you can tie the leaves of varying shapes and sizes on a monofilament string. Afterwards, you can suspend them on the doorways or by the windows to greet guests with a colorful flair.

  4. Leaf Wreath – Leaf wreaths are popular during the end of the year holidays, especially when Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. If you can find some fresh fallen leaves around your yard and in your gutters, take a large metal wreath frame and thread the leaves through it one by one to create your colorful DIY wreath.

  5. Leaf-Stamped Table Runner – What better way to celebrate the spirit of the fall season than by creating a fall themed table runner? If you have any fabrics in deep red or brown, you can cut it to fit the size of your table. Afterwards, you can take a paint roller and coat one leaf at a time before pressing the painted side to the fabric. Remove them once the color has seeped in and you’ll have a table runner befitting a harvest feast.

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