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The Various Types of Gutter Guards Available Today

The Various Types of Gutter Guards Available Today

For many homeowners, cleaning gutters is not an enjoyable chore because it takes time and effort. No wonder it is one of the reasons why people look for alternatives. These include gutter guard installations. Advantage Seamless Gutters, your local installer of seamless gutters, share some of the various types of gutter guards available on the market today.

The Various Types of Gutter Guards Available Today

Mesh Type

These gutter guards are made of metal sheet with tiny holes throughout. They are attached to the roof shingles, which then covers the whole gutter system.

Reverse Curve Type

This type of gutter guard has a configuration that allows water to flow down into the gutters, utilizing surface tension. Debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt, meanwhile, fall to the ground.

Bottle Brush Type

This gutter guard type has bristles installed upright inside the gutter. As water flows towards the trough and into the downspouts, the debris settles on top.

Foam Type

Made of plastic foam, this type of gutter cover is fitted directly within the gutter. It helps debris stay on top of the foam while water penetrates through and flows away.

The Best Gutter Guards for You

At Advantage Seamless Gutters, we don’t just offer gutter installation services. We also provide exceptional gutter guards for your gutter system to remain free of any debris and be able to function to full capacity.

Our Valor gutter guards are notable for their sleek design, with elevated and pressed stainless steel mesh pattern to break water tension. With their S-curve look, leaves and other debris do not stay on top of the gutter cover. They have also been tested to be strong and durable, withstanding even the heaviest of rain or snow loads.

For your gutter guard installation and gutter cleaning services, give us a call at any of these numbers: (218) 692-2663 if you are in Crosslake, (320) 460-1338 if you are in Alexandria or (612) 800-0910 if you are in Bloomington. You can also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve St Cloud, MN, residents.