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Signs Your Gutters Are Due for Replacement

Signs Your Gutters Are Due for Replacement

Gutters outline your roof-line, which makes them a noticeable feature of your exterior. However, gutters are not simply there for aesthetics; they also play an important part in your home’s structural integrity. In fact, their primary purpose–which is to direct rainwater away from your house–is crucial to the stability of your home’s foundation.

Signs Your Gutters Are Due for Replacement

Nonetheless, gutters don’t always age well, especially without proper maintenance. Advantage Seamless Gutters, one of the most reputable local gutter installers in the area, shares the common telltale signs your gutters need replacement.


Even the smallest cracks in your gutters can harm your home. Do not wait for these tiny fissures to turn into bigger ones; attend to this issue right away. When larger cracks start appearing, you might have to replace the system to prevent the damaging effects of water infiltration to your home’s foundation.


Have you ever noticed orange flecks on the surface of your gutter system? If so, it’s a sign that your gutters are extremely old or an indicator that water is present on a continuous basis. This might also suggest that water isn’t draining properly. Get in touch with a local gutter company to help you assess the condition of your gutters.

Pools of Water Around Your Home

Gutters are supposed to drive rain away from your home’s foundation, so when you notice pools of water around your home, it’s not a good sign. When you spot piles of leaves or large holes in the system, contact your gutter experts to find the best solution.


Sagging gutters won’t only impair your roof and other components of your home; they can also raise some safety concerns. Do not wait for it to completely fall off to avoid further hassles.

Turn to Advantage Seamless Gutters for your gutter installation. We provide professional gutters replacement service to help safeguard your home. Call us today at (218) 212-1818 for Baxter, (218) 692-2663 for Crosslake and (320) 421-8726 for Alexandria. We serve residents of Baxter, Brainerd and other nearby areas in MN.