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How the Growing Gutter Market Affects Contractors

How the Growing Gutter Market Affects Contractors

According to research by the Freedonia Group, the gutter market is projected to reach $6 billion in 2022. One major factor for this growth is the increased construction activity like roof and gutter replacements.

How the Growing Gutter Market Affects Contractors

In today’s post, your local gutter installers from Advantage Seamless Gutter discusses how this forecast will affect the operations of contractors.

Effects of Gutter Market Growth

The increased re-roofing activity influenced the huge sales gains during the 2012-2017 period. The improving economic conditions and the severe weather conditions in the last few years resulted in more re-roofing projects, which typically include gutter replacement. Because of this, it’s expected that replacement will decline in the next years.

Moreover, getting agreeable pricing has always been a challenge to contractors. The recent tariffs on steel and aluminum are expected to increase the cost of guttering materials.

However, this shouldn’t affect the demand for guttering projects as gutters and downspouts are usually part of major roofing jobs. The material prices affect the choice of gutter type for the projects. Know that you can count on Advantage Seamless Gutters if you’re in need of a quality gutters replacement service.

Value-Added Products

To keep up with this market growth, contractors could create wider product ranges, including new styles and colors. They can also focus on promoting value-added products like gutter guards, rain chains, rain harvest equipment and other decorative items.

At Advantage Seamless Gutters, we offer Valor Gutter Guards, the best there is in the market according to the NCR Consumer Reports and Advocacy Group. Valor’s patented S-curve design ensures proper water flow and debris-free gutters. In addition, the Valor heat tape channel prevents ice from building up in the covers.

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