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A Step-By-Step Rundown of Our Gutter Cleaning Service

A Step-By-Step Rundown of Our Gutter Cleaning Service

Long-term exposure to the elements and various debris can make your gutter systems dirty and inefficient. The best way to restore them is by having them cleaned professionally. Learn about the benefits of our cleaning service as your gutter contractors. Here’s how we keep your system clean and efficient.

A Step-By-Step Rundown of Our Gutter Cleaning Service

Variable Cleaning Service

First and foremost, we offer a variable contract for our cleaning service. We have a one-time cleaning for those with already existing and functioning gutter systems. As for repeat services, we can accomplish several cleanings throughout the year. It depends on how often you need one done, and how many systems you need cleaned.

We also offer installations and replacements for seamless gutters, which are a lot more effective at protecting your home from water damage. 

Debris Removal

Once we agree on the contract conditions, we will then come up with a schedule for the gutter cleaning. On the day itself, we first check your roof and all the debris that could be clogging your system. Then we remove all the debris and muck that has found its way into your gutters and downspouts.

Low Pressure Rinsing

Once we finish with the debris removal, our crew will use a low-pressure hose to further clean the system. The rinsing will give your gutter systems a fresh look. It will also remove any remaining debris such as dirt and shingle granules that have piled up. Our low-pressure rinsing equipment won’t do any damage to your gutter system.

Thorough Inspection

Lastly, we finish our service with a thorough inspection. We will check on how our gutter cleaning has affected your system. Specifically, we will check your hangers and screws and other mounting parts, to see if the gutter is pitched correctly and if there is any water remaining. If we do find something, we will perform quick repairs to get your system back to peak condition.

What’s the Benefit?

A regularly maintained gutter system can prevent buildup of debris that can clog and eventually damage the gutters. You’ll be able to save more money by scheduling regular maintenance rather than spending on more expensive roof and gutter repairs. This will also extend your system’s service life.

Turn to Advantage Seamless Gutters for your gutter services. Call us today at (218) 212-1818 for Baxter, (218) 692-2663 for Crosslake and (320) 421-8726 for Alexandria. We serve residents of Baxter and other nearby areas in MN.