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A Quick Guide to Slime, Sludge and Silt in the Gutters

Finding your gutters clogged with various types of debris like leaves, twigs, dirt and other organic matter is bad; finding them clogged with gutter slime, sludge and silt is worse. In this blog, Advantage Seamless Gutters discusses what causes these substances to build up.

A Quick Guide to Slime, Sludge and Silt in the Gutters

What Causes Slime, Sludge and Silt in the Gutters?

Gutter slime consists of organic materials such as algae, moss and lichen that accumulated over time in the gutters. This slimy substance becomes thicker over time and eventually forms a semi-solid mass that can cause blockages if left unchecked. Silt and sludge are formed from airborne particles like dust, dirt and — in the case of the former — loose granules from asphalt shingles. When these substances get mixed with gutter slime, it results in a more impermeable barrier that further hinders water drainage.

Warm summers and cold winters are an ideal environment for gutter slime buildup. High humidity levels during the summer season allow mold and other substances to grow in the gutters, while extreme cold in the winter preserves them. Rainfall causes granules and dirt from the rooftop to go into the gutters, and improper drainage causes them to stay in the gutter troughs.

Have the Gutters Cleaned By a Professional 

Fortunately, these substances do not form overnight. This means they can be prevented by making sure that the gutters are regularly cleaned and maintained. While it is entirely possible for you to clean your own gutters, you’ll get better results by having your gutters cleaned by professionals. The following are the reasons why.

  • Thoroughness. Scooping slime and other manner of debris from the gutters is but one task — the gutters will also need to be inspected for damage. Corrosion, cracks, and other signs of damage need to be addressed before they can become bigger problems. Loose joints will need to be realigned and resealed to prevent leaks, while downspouts will also need to be cleaned and flushed to ensure continuous flow.
  • Safety. Climbing the roof’s edge without proper safety gear and training presents a great risk of injury from a fall. Gutter professionals like us, on the other hand, have the equipment and training to ensure safety during gutter installation or cleaning. We also have insurance coverage in case of injury.
  • Cost. Professional gutter cleaning isn’t free, of course, but consider the alternative. Electing to clean your own gutters means you have to purchase a new set of cleaning tools and safety gear, many of which may end up in storage after a few uses. It will also impact your insurance coverage in case of injury.

Advantage Seamless Gutters provides gutter services, including gutter cleaning, to homeowners in St. Cloud, MN. Our team of experienced professionals can help you keep your gutters clean and functioning properly all year round. Call us today at (218) 270-2663 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate!