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Roof Soffits: The Role and Their Purpose

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There’s a good chance you don’t know anything about the soffit installed on your home. It pays for every homeowner to be aware of this small yet important part of your roof. The term “soffit” came from the Latin word “suffixus,” which means fixed underneath. While it’s not always visible, the soffit is an important part of the roof.

Roof Soffits

What Is a Roof Soffit?

A soffit is usually found around a structure’s main roof, but you can also see them under porches, arches, columns and flights of stairs. It’s usually made of aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, wood and steel. This part of the roof protects the rafters from harsh outdoor elements.

Without the soffit, your rafters are likely to experience mold growth, and you might also have to deal with rotting beams. When this happens, you would need to contact a provider of home exterior services for roof replacement or repair.

What Is a Roof Soffit’s Purpose?

Fundamentally, a soffit performs these distinctly different yet critically important functions:

  1. Provides air intake to naturally vent the attic and keep roof’s surface cool
  2. Helps reduce energy consumption and costs, especially in the summer
  3. Also helps extend the lifespan and reliability of shingles/roof materials
  4. Seals gaps between the rafters/joists to prevent entry by rodents and insects
  5. Protects against damage to roof deck/frame and to the attic insulation
  6. Shelters the family members from exposure to possible health hazards
  7. Adds a finished look to the home’s exterior and an element of curb appeal

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