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Why You Should Get a New Roof Before Selling Your Home

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Are you wondering about how you can add more resale value to your home? This can be done through extensive remodeling. Your options can range from updating your kitchen or bathroom to renovating your backyard or patio. However, the exterior is what most potential buyers notice when they see your home in person. The roof is often what they’ll notice first when you put your home for sale online. This is why you should consider a roof replacement if you’re remodeling the entire exterior. 

Why You Should Get a New Roof Before Selling Your Home

Choosing Between Repair and Replacement

Of course, a complete replacement may not be needed if your current roof is mostly intact. After a thorough maintenance check, extensive repairs can still save your roof if the damage isn’t significant.  But if it only has a few years left in its lifespan, it may not be a good selling point to potential buyers. You’re better off getting it replaced instead simply because they wouldn’t want to pay for a new roof after purchasing your home.

Why Consider a Brand-New Roof?

If your roof is already old, it may not be up to code and can affect your selling price. Even if it looks well-maintained, potential buyers can always find damage when inspecting your home in person. When this happens, they’ll use it to their advantage when negotiating the selling price. This is why most roofing contractors recommend a complete replacement so potential home buyers won’t question its condition. It will also follow local building standards so you can justify your selling price when negotiating.

Other remodeling projects can easily increase your home property value. However, not all can give a 100% return on investment (ROI). The same goes for a complete roof replacement, but the ROI is usually higher than other projects. Investing in better quality materials also increases your home’s property value while also attracting more buyers. For example, let’s say you’re considering standard asphalt shingles that have a lifespan of around 20 years. But your roof can attract more buyers if you go for higher quality shingles that last up to 25 years or more.

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