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Gutter Clogs: What Usually Causes Gutters to Clog?

Gutter Clogs: What Usually Causes Gutters to Clog

Keeping your seamless gutters in good condition should be on your priority list. If your gutters are clogged, water will overflow to your exterior and cause costly issues like roof damage, foundation problems and erosion. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this issue with regular cleaning and maintenance.  

Gutter Clogs: What Usually Causes Gutters to Clog?

Keep reading to find out what usually causes gutter clogs. 


Small creatures like birds and squirrels could build their homes in your gutters. You can prevent these animals from making nests in your home by scheduling a gutter cleaning service regularly. It’s because debris is one of the things that attract them to your property. Another thing that could help is a gutter protection system. 

Debris From Trees

Fallen leaves, twigs, seeds and other tree debris are among the most common reasons that gutters clog. When the wind blows, these materials usually end up on your roof and gutters. Your gutters are more likely to clog if you have a flat roofing system. 

Improper Installation

Poorly installed gutters will not drain water effectively from your roof. Sometimes, what you believe are clogs due to debris are actually due to improper downspout installation. If this is the case, water will back up to the roof and overflow to the rest of your exterior. 

Muck and Sludge

Organic materials that accumulate in your gutters will eventually become black sticky material. Muck and sludge will restrict waterflow in your gutter system. To prevent this messy buildup from causing trouble in your gutters, you should clean them regularly.  

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