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What Usually Causes Dampness in Basements?

What Usually Causes Dampness in Basements

Excessive moisture is a typical problem in basements and crawl spaces. You must address this before it leads to mold growth that can risk your family’s health. If you are not prompt in tackling the problem, you will eventually have to deal with rot and structural damage.  

What Usually Causes Dampness in Basements?

Local gutter installers share common causes of dampness in basements and how to deal with them. 

Compromised Gutters

Gutters divert water away from your home. However, if they are in poor condition or clogged, they will cause rainwater to overflow. Over time, water will find its way to your basement and foundation. The same issue can occur if the gutters don’t extend outward enough. 

Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance can help prevent clogs and ensure good roof drainage. Installing a gutter protection system can help keep debris from entering your gutters, reducing the likelihood of clogs and the need for cleaning. If this part of your home is old or severely damaged, a gutter replacement service might be necessary.

Indoor Leaks

The most common cause of dampness in basements is interior leaks. Check your appliances and fixtures to see if they are leaking. Water could also be coming from old and deteriorating pipes. If you suspect leaks in your home, it’s best to schedule an inspection with a professional plumber. Have the affected fixtures or pipes repaired or replaced as necessary.

Concrete Cracks

Foundation cracks usually occur as your home settles. Gaps or cracks in foundation walls can allow water to seep into your basement, especially during storms. Some cracks are easy to fix, while others require professional assistance. 

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