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Splash Blocks Vs. Downspout Extensions: A Quick Comparison

Splash Blocks Vs. Downspout Extensions: A Quick Comparison

A properly installed gutter system is expected to function as intended. With regular maintenance, you can be sure water runoff is directed toward the downspouts and away from your home. However, you can improve its performance with the help of certain accessories or add-ons.

Splash Blocks Vs. Downspout Extensions: A Quick Comparison

Today, Advantage Seamless Gutters, your local gutter installation experts, takes a look at two of them: splash blocks and downspout extensions.

About Splash Blocks

Splash blocks are rectangular pieces of plastic or concrete placed underneath the end of the downspout. Their purpose is to direct water as far away from your home as possible while preventing the soil from eroding and causing foundation issues.

The width of splash blocks depends on the frequency and severity of rainfall in your area. Narrower but concealed ones would be well-suited, although wider splash blocks can distribute heavy rainfall coming out of downspouts over a larger area. Much like your seamless gutters, these must also be checked periodically—sections can get knocked off their places due to shifting soil, lawnmowers or foot traffic.

About Downspout Extensions

Augmenting your downspouts with extensions is also helpful in directing water farther from your foundation. For them to be effective, the extensions should have an unobstructed outlet to an area that can handle the rainwater runoff.

Downspout extensions can be installed in one of two ways. Placing them on top of the ground is one option. These, however, should be far away from your home for the water to effectively drain away from your the foundation. The other option—and also the most recommended—is placing them below the soil surface through trenching. Underground extensions help drain water effectively while maintaining curb appeal.

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