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How Do You Know if 6-Inch Gutters Are the Right Choice?

How Do You Know if 6-Inch Gutters Are the Right Choice

Gutters protect homes and businesses against water-related issues like mold growth and rot. They help prevent foundation damage, basement flooding and erosion. However, gutters must be appropriately sized to ensure they work efficiently.   

How Do You Know if 6-Inch Gutters Are the Right Choice?

Continue reading to find out when 6-inch gutters are ideal for your home. 

You Have a High-Pitched Roof

Water moves quickly on high-pitched roofs. A 5-inch gutter system might not be able to handle the demands of a steep roof. You should consider getting 6-inch gutters instead if you have a high-pitched roof or one with a significant overhang.  

You Have a Large Roof

The larger your roof, the larger the gutter system you need. Gutters that are 5 inches might work for roofs that are 600 to 800 square feet. If your roof plane is at least 1,000 square feet, you need 6-inch gutters to channel rainwater effectively. 

If you aren’t sure about the size of your roof, you can always consult skilled professionals. An experienced gutter contractor will assess your roof and property to determine the right type and size of gutters for your home.

You Have a Multistory Home

Do you own a house with multiple stories? If so, you will benefit from a 6-inch gutter system. In multistory homes, rainwater from the second or third story will travel to the first-story gutters. That means the gutters in the first level must be able to hold more water. For this reason, you should consider a 6-inch gutter system. 

Make your new gutter system last longer by investing in quality materials and a reliable contractor. At Advantage Seamless Gutters, we only install superior products from leading manufacturers. We also offer quality gutter protection systems. Call us at (218) 270-2663 to talk to our experts today. You may also fill out our online form to request a free estimate.