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Why Get Ridge Vents for Your Roof

Why Get Ridge Vents For Your Roof

Planning to get a new roof for your home? If the answer is “yes”, then you should consider adding ridge vents to your new roof’s design. Why add this particular roofing feature?

Why Get Ridge Vents for Your Roof

Efficient Airflow

By adding a ridge vent to your roof, you create enough space right beneath it to improve airflow. Since warm air rises, the ridge vents which are located at the highest point of the roof are the perfect exit point for trapped air. This helps a lot in keeping the roof’s internal space from getting too humid.

Easier Maintenance

Because of where they are located, ridge vents require less maintenance than regular vents. This is because their location places them away from areas of the roof that are bound to have more debris buildup, such as valleys and flatter areas. Ridge vents usually have filters and an external baffle as extra layers of protection.

Better Look

Ridge vents are barely visible when looking at your roof from the ground level. This is especially true for two-story homes, where the top part of the roof is barely visible. If you want effective ventilation without affecting your home’s curb appeal, you can’t go wrong with ridge vents.

Professional Installation Required

Because of how ridge vents have to be carefully installed to avoid the risk of leaks or debris getting through them, you should have it installed by certified roof replacement experts. If possible, you should hire local contractors as they are more familiar with the right vent dimensions.

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