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Why You Should Avoid DIY Gutter Protection

valor gutter guards

If you want to prevent gutter congestion, you should consider having a gutter protection system (or gutter covers) installed. This excellent component ensures that only rainwater enters through the gutters. Everything else, such as leaves, pine needles and other loose debris, is filtered out, keeping the system clear and clog-free. DIY gutter covers are available in today’s market, but you might want to think twice before investing in them. Advantage Seamless Gutters, the premier seamless gutters installation company in the area, shares why DIY gutter covers are more trouble than they’re worth.

valor gutter guards

Allows Gutter Clogs to Develop 

In many cases, DIY gutter protection actually encourages congestion–which is the very issue it is designed to prevent. Instead of blocking leaves and debris, DIY gutter covers may trap them, allowing water to back up. This leaves your roof and home’s exterior more susceptible to water damage once they overflow.

Increases the Risk of Installation Mistakes

It’s all-too easy for the untrained homeowner to make a mistake in their gutter cover installation, not only compromising the product, but inadvertently damaging the gutter system itself.  That’s why–as with many home upgrades–a gutter cover installation will require the expertise of trusted gutter contractors, like Advantage Seamless Gutters. We’ll install your gutter covers in a timely and efficient manner, with no potential for mistakes, so you’re sure they’ll perform as expected.

Leads to Poor Performance

Gutter covers are available in many different types. And if you’re taking the DIY route, you might end up choosing covers that don’t suit your specific needs. To ensure your gutters remain clear and well-maintained, turn to a professional, like Advantage Seamless Gutters. We offer and install high-quality gutter protection systems from top brand, Valor™.

Our Valor gutter covers come with a sleek design, with an elevated, pressed stainless steel mesh pattern that works to break water tension even from heavy rainfall. Their patented S-curve design captures water as it drains down the roof, while preventing debris from entering the gutter system at the same time. This means no blockages you’ll need to deal with through regular gutter cleaning–only superior draining performance that keeps your home and roof safe from water damage.

Advantage Seamless Gutters is your go-to company for top-tier gutter protection systems. We proudly serve the areas in and around Baxter, MN. Call us today at 218.558.0575 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.