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Roof Soffits and Their Significance in Your Home

Roof Soffits And Their Significance In Your Home

You may have heard of the word “soffit”. It’s a word that has actually come a long way in history, originating from two similar words, which are the Italian “soffitto” and the French “soffite”. Both words share the same meaning of “to fasten something below”. Nowadays, soffit is more of a term used in home improvement, especially if it involves roof replacement or repair. A roof soffit is more than just pieces of board lined under your roof.

Roof Soffits and Their Significance in Your Home

What a Soffit Looks Like

The roof soffit is the board lining right under the edges of the roof of your home, covering the roof’s internal support beams and eaves. The soffit can come in a variety of styles and options, and you can definitely pick one that suits your home’s architecture. But as a homeowner, it’s important to know that a roof soffit doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose in your home.

How a Soffit Protects Your Roof

A roof soffit actually has a very crucial function for your home. It keeps the weather elements from damaging your roof’s inner structure. Without the soffit, the rafts and beams inside your home’s roof are susceptible to moisture damage and mold growth, which speed up the deterioration process of your roof. If this happens, it can lead to even more damage and a costly roof repair.

A Soffit Also Helps Your Home Breathe

Some homes have their roof soffit vented so it lets air circulate through their attic. This helps it breathe in a way that makes the indoor air more comfortable for its residents because it circulates with fresh air flowing in from the outside. And aside from breathability, a roof soffit can also improve your home’s energy efficiency.

It Also Saves on Energy Costs

The summer and winter months is where a roof soffit becomes really effective. The summer heat can accumulate in your home’s attic, which can force you to use your AC more often, resulting in a higher utility bill. But this won’t happen when the soffit is vented. If your home has vented soffits installed, the heat accumulated in your attic will dissipate much faster. The same is true during winter months. Moisture won’t build up as much because of the vents, preventing mold to grow within your roof.

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