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The 4 Best Ways to Save Water in Your Garden or Your Yard

The 4 Best Ways to Save Water in Your Garden or Your Yard

It takes a lot of water to keep your lawn and garden growing. Today we’ll talk about a few strategies to reduce your reliance on a traditional sources of water.

The 4 Best Ways to Save Water in Your Garden or Your Yard

1. Install an automatic rain shutoff.

This device can be installed on your irrigation system controller to protect your lawn from receiving too much water. When a specified amount of rain has fallen over a given time, the device shuts off the system, saving you water.

2. Add mulch for your garden.

While not mandatory in your garden, adding mulch has its benefits, especially when it comes to conserving water. Apart from preventing weeds from growing, it also provides a layer of insulation to help reduce the need for watering.

3. Consider a drip irrigation system.

This system encourages efficient watering for your yard and garden. Through low-pressure emission, water drips in slowly at the roots when needed. It helps prevent water loss through evaporation, allowing you to save money.

4. Harvest rainwater.

In Minnesota, harvesting rainwater is legal and even encouraged. It is an innovative way to collect and store lots of rainwater for later use. For this, you need to invest in water-saving devices like rain barrels to store rainwater. You should also perform gutter cleaning to ensure water runoff funneling into downspouts and containers or vessels is clean.

If you already have a functioning gutter system, Advantage Seamless Gutters can help maintain it through our comprehensive gutter cleaning services. We offer one-time gutter cleaning and gutter cleaning contracts for multiple cleanings throughout the year. With this, you will be able to enjoy debris-free gutters year-round that are working as efficiently as ever.

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