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Can a New Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance Premiums?

Can A New Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Metal is steadily becoming a popular choice for roofing materials because of its excellent benefits. It can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it, from strong winds and heavy rain to wind-carried debris and hailstorms. It is also moisture-resistant and doesn’t suffer significant damage from long-term sun exposure. It also has a unique aesthetic that can boost the appearance of your home, regardless of its architectural style.

Can a New Metal Roof Lower Your Insurance Premiums

What many people aren’t aware of, however, is that metal roofs may help reduce homeowners’ insurance premiums, but not always. 

Short Answer: It Depends

So, can a new metal roof lower your insurance premiums? The answer to this question is that it depends on your circumstances whether installing a metal roof will entitle you to that benefit.

Keep in mind that some insurance providers consider certain factors when updating the homeowner’s insurance coverage of their policyholders. If, for instance, you have a wood shake roof, and you live in a forested area, it is likely for it to be engulfed in flames if a wildfire breaks out. It is also possible for it to suffer moisture damage, especially if you live in an area that experiences storms for most of the year. Given these circumstances, the insurance provider may either not approve or choose to discontinue coverage.

Switching from wood shake or any other roofing material to metal gives homes better protection from fires and moisture damage. In theory, this would be favorable towards your insurance coverage. Insurance companies would be inclined to provide lower premium rates; unfortunately, not every one of them will do so even if it makes sense. Some look into the type of roofing that your home has while others don’t give much consideration.

Only your insurer knows whether your new metal roof will entitle you to a discount or not. Call your agent or one of the representatives of the insurance company to discuss the issue. They can help you figure out if investing in it will make a big difference. You can even ask about certain requirements that will favor your insurance premiums, including specifications like impact and wind resistance ratings.

Insurance Discounts for Metal Roofs

For the sake of discussion, below are some of the discounts that may be available to a homeowner’s insurance policyholder after investing in a metal roofing system:

  • New Roof Discount
    Some insurers are happy to provide reduced rates for metal roofs. As already discussed, new roofs are less likely to leak or suffer from damage. This is especially true for newly built homes; after all, a new building means a new roof. Even if it is a replacement, you can still be eligible for a discount, but that will depend on the type of metal roofing, whether it is steel, Galvalume® or aluminum.
  • Impact Resistance Discount
    Lower insurance premiums depend on not just the roofing material, but also on the classification of the roof covering, which takes into account the region where you live. You can get considerable discounts if your home is in an area prone to heavy hail damage. In this case, you need to have a metal roof with a Class 4 impact rating. It means that it must have passed the UL test standard 2218, which involves dropping steel balls on the roofing material to simulate the effect of hail.
  • Fire Resistance Discount
    Insurance discounts for fire resistance aren’t offered as much as those for impact resistance, although you can confirm this with your insurance provider. If you live in a wooded area where wildfires are a threat, investing in a fire-resistant roof and getting a discount for it can give you significant savings. In this case, your metal roof should have a Class A fire rating, which means that the material is non-combustible and can last at least up to four hours without catching a fire. The next two fire ratings, B and C, designates roofing materials that are effective against moderate and light fire exposure, respectively.
  • Tax Credits
    Metal conducts heat, but when used as a roofing material, it can easily release what it absorbs, limiting what is passed into your home. In fact, many metal roofing products have highly reflective coatings composed of cool pigments to increase solar reflectance and lower the roof’s surface temperature. Combined with adequate insulation and professional insulation, these roofing systems can help reduce cooling costs during the summer and ensure consistent indoor comfort all year round. Some of them are ENERGY STAR®-rated, which means they passed the federal government’s energy efficiency standards. They can even help you qualify for tax incentives.

Other Benefits of Metal Roofing

There’s more to metal roofing than just the potential benefit of lowering your insurance premiums through discounts and incentives. In addition to energy efficiency and fire and impact resistance, most roofing contractors recommend the material because of its longevity. Aluminum and steel roofs, for instance, have a standard lifespan of up to 50 years. Copper and zinc roofs, meanwhile, can last more than that. The durability of metal is such that it can outlast the home or building it protects.

Metal roofing systems also have minimal maintenance requirements, especially if they’re made from high-quality materials. The only necessary tasks to keep them clean and debris-free is to remove dead leaves, twigs and branches. Proactive roof maintenance, however, is imperative to ensure their excellent weather performance.

Metal roofing is also an eco-friendly roofing option for the simple fact that it is recyclable. Many manufacturers even produce metal roofing panels using a considerable amount of recycled metals. Also, it can be recycled multiple times without degradation, which is why it can be used to manufacture other metal products. Since metal roofs last a long time, you are contributing to minimizing waste that ends up in landfills.

By installing a metal roof, you get to enjoy long-term savings through the many benefits it provides, with the potential to lower insurance premiums. For your metal roof repair and replacement project, turn to [company_name] We use the best products possible and provide the highest quality workmanship for every metal roof installation project we handle.

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