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4 Tips to Extend the Service Life of Your Roof

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The most effective way to prevent severe roofing damage and extend the lifespan of your roofing system is to detect small issues ahead of time. It is also important to know the warning signs so that you can call one of the premier roofing contractors in your area and let them take good care of your roof before bigger, more costly problems occur. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Extend the Service Life of Your Roof
  1. Mind those leaks. Do not make the mistake of overlooking leaks. If left untreated, even a small leak can result in serious water-related damage, such as mold and rot, that requires the attention of a skilled professional to fix. Regularly check for water stains in the attic and on the ceiling or let a roofer inspect your system at least once a year.
  2. Consult an expert. Make sure not to delay action because leaks can spread rapidly. If you suspect that your roofing structure has a leak problem, call in a professional roofer who has the knowledge, expertise, and proper equipment to assess and repair your roof efficiently.
  3. Check the credentials of the roofer. It is crucial that you hire a certified roof replacement contractor to work on your roof. If you let an amateur or inexperienced roofer perform repairs on your roof, for example, it may lead to grave mistakes and even bigger damage. Make the effort to check their credentials and contact references before agreeing to the project.
  4. Check the guarantee. Do not get caught up in the world of substandard workmanship and poor professionalism. Make sure the company you hire offers some type of guarantee, like a 25- to 30-year warranty on a new asphalt shingle roof, so you will not end up roofing issues without recourse.

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