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4 Ways Unscrupulous Roofers Cut Corners to Save on Costs

4 Ways Unscrupulous Roofers Cut Corners To Save On Costs

Your roof is the primary protector of your home, and it is vital that you hire an honest roofer that you can trust to not cut corners. To help you avoid issues, we break down five ways shady roofers might cut corners to increase their bottom line at your expense.

4 Ways Unscrupulous Roofers Cut Corners to Save on Costs
  1. Using fewer nails: Roof shingle manufacturers specify a certain number of nails to be used on each shingle. A dishonest roofer may use less than the recommended amount to save a little money. While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually is as it can cause the wind to get under your shingles, allowing water to get into them or blowing them off completely.
  1. Using second-grade shingles: In order to save on material costs, some roofing contractors may use second-grade shingles, which are essentially overruns that did not pass quality control due to factory defects and are more likely to cause problems down the road.
  1. Reusing old flashing: Always be sure to ask your contractor to use new flashing. Some contractors may re-use old flashing to cut down on costs, and, while this may seem resourceful, even old flashing that looks to be in good condition may be weakened by years of weathering. Installing brand-new flashing may cost more upfront, but it will save you money in the long run.
  1. Covering existing shingles: To save time and effort, an inexperienced roofer may opt to install new shingles on top of existing ones. While this may seem like a good idea since it “doubles up” the protective qualities of your shingles, it is actually a bad idea since water and debris can get trapped in between the shingles causing your roofing system to weaken.

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