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Preventing Mildew from Growing on Your Siding

Gutter cleaning service

Mildew growing on your siding is one of the most common problems that a homeowner has to deal with. These greenish or black growths are not just unsightly, but can also smell and pose possible health risks. As the leading gutter installation experts in the area, we’re sharing a few tips on how to prevent mildew from forming on your home’s exterior.

Gutter cleaning service

Pay Attention to the Gutters

Mildew might show up on the siding, but it usually starts with a dirty gutter. If left unchecked, a debris-filled gutter can serve as the perfect breeding ground for mildew colonies. When the next rain comes, part of the mildew’s spores end up in the siding, starting a new colony. Having your gutters cleaned by the pros twice a year will greatly reduce the risk of mildew formation.

Have the Siding Scrubbed Clean

Even with debris-free seamless gutters, there’s still a chance that mildew spores from somewhere else can end up on your siding. Our experts recommend having the exteriors scrubbed clean. While power washing might seem to be a good option, too much water pressure can force water to get lodged beneath the siding’s surface. This is why contractors use a hose or sprayer with gentle to moderate pressure combined with scrubbing tools and a mild cleaning agent.

Don’t Forget the Deck and Porch

The deck and porch floor areas are even more prone to having moisture problems than the siding itself. Unfortunately, mold and mildew growth on the ground can also cause spores to end up in the siding. Do not use bleach to avoid damaging your floor. Instead, hire an expert that uses dedicated deck cleaning tools. The pros often use a special cleaning agent designed to kill mildew and protect the deck from further growth for a few months.

Do Not Ignore Existing Growths

Just like with other types of home exterior issues, mildew isn’t something that you can afford to deal with later on. If you see existing signs of mildew, you need to have it removed ASAP. Siding and gutter cleaning service experts say that dealing with several small patches of mildew is much easier than dealing with a single, large colony.

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