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Your Early Spring Home Maintenance To-Do List

Once the winter chill begins to melt away and spring finally arrives, it’s essential to take care of your home by performing maintenance tasks that will help keep everything functioning properly. Completing a few tasks before spring settles in will ensure you have plenty of time throughout the season for enjoying barbecues, picnics and other outdoor fun. 

Your Early Spring Home Maintenance To-Do List

Get a Professional Gutter Inspection

Rain gutters are an important part of your roof system, so taking the time early in the spring to inspect them is essential. Don’t attempt this yourself, though. All inspections and gutter installations in Alexandria, MN, should be performed by a professional. This ensures a trained eye will catch any problems and repair them before they develop into a worse situation. 

Request Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Service

You most likely require some gutter cleaning and maintenance as well. Again, a professional is best suited for this job to ensure all dirt and debris are properly removed and the system is capable of efficient drainage. Half round gutters in Alexandria, MN, may not be as easy for you to clean, so you should call an expert. 

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

It’s also important to have your roof inspected to make sure the shingles and other materials are in good condition. This should be done annually, preferably before late spring or early summer when warmer temperatures may cause some material deterioration. A reputable roofer will be able to determine if any issues are present and offer a course of action to get it repaired or replaced with longer-lasting materials. 

Check Windows and Doors

Once your roof is inspected, it’s time to look at your windows and doors. Check all wood frames for damage or rot. Inspect weatherstripping and caulk where needed on window panes or around door frames. You may even need a few replacement storm windows if the current ones are broken or worn out with age. A window installer or general contractor is best suited for the job. 

Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

Don’t forget your HVAC system. The spring is the best time to have this tuned up and ready for summer, so it’s working efficiently all season long. There are a variety of tasks an HVAC specialist will complete, such as cleaning inner parts and replacing filters. These can reduce energy bills and help your unit run more smoothly throughout the warmer months.

Clean and Put Out Outdoor Furniture

Once all of your professional services are completed, it’s time to take out the outdoor furniture. Get it cleaned up and ready for use when the weather permits. Wipe tables and chairs down with a damp rag to help clear off any dust or dirt. Checking cushions for mold growth is also essential before they are put back out in springtime. 

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