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Spring Gutter Replacement: Is It Time?

Over time, your gutters will have some wear and tear. Damaged gutters can lead to water damage in your home and incur costly repair bills. Spring is the perfect time for you to consider replacing your old gutters to ensure a safe and water-resistant home for the rest of the year and beyond. In this post, the top local gutter installers at Advantage Seamless Gutters share the signs you need to have your gutters replaced and the benefits of doing so.

Spring Gutter Replacement: Is It Time?

Why Consider Gutter Replacement?

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, and when it comes to your home, this time of year gives you the opportunity to examine parts of your home that require care and attention. If your gutters are over 10 years old and showing signs of extensive disrepair, it might be time to invest in new ones. After all, the last thing you want is for your home to suffer the effects of water damage caused by bent or sagging gutters.

Benefits of Replacing Gutters in the Spring

Though many materials are suitable for all-season installations, most reliable and watertight systems come with minimum temperature restrictions that can be inconvenient during winter. Postponing the installation process until a warmer period of the year gives you more options when selecting products. Replacing gutters in the spring is especially suitable because it gives you enough time to inspect and customize your future gutter system.

Furthermore, warmer temperatures make it much easier for metals and plastics to settle into their proper places. Finally, having improved roof drainage installed by a professional local gutter company helps in deterring flooding issues in areas where no gutters existed or were improperly installed. 

Signs That You Need to Replace Gutters 

Giving your gutter system an annual check-up can help you catch and address any damage, as well as determine if it can still be repaired or already requires replacement. Rust, bent or sagging gutters, cracks and holes in the system are all signs that it’s time for you to replace your old system with something newer and improved. 

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