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Top 3 Home Areas That Need Your Attention in Spring

Top 3 Home Areas That Need Your Attention in Spring

No matter how many deep spring cleaning sessions you have done in your life, it is often difficult to determine which home areas to prioritize. The job is usually too big to imagine, so you might get overwhelmed and not know where to begin.

Top 3 Home Areas That Need Your Attention in Spring

In Advantage Seamless Gutters’ book, below are the places that need your attention the most this spring. 


Logic dictates that the part of your house that received the most punishment in winter should be at the top of your list. The roof, which took a lot of beating from the elements in the previous months, certainly deserves some TLC.

If you have half round gutters, make sure they are free from debris. Otherwise, get them cleaned and invest in gutter protection to avoid any problem that could eventually harm your roof. 


Like your roof, your siding panels are prone to weather damage too. For the most part, they are defenseless against rain, hail, and heat. Quality siding can hold up over time but not without proper maintenance.

If your siding has some finish defects, it could be due to excessive moisture originating from leaky or overflowing gutters. Apart from repairing those imperfections, installing seamless gutters is an effective solution to avoid the same problems again.


Spring is the time for your greenery to shine. Some of the basic landscape care practices are pruning broken tree branches, controlling the weed, fertilizing the soil, and tidying up the shrubbery.

If you spot some indication of soil erosion, do not ignore it. It could suggest an overflow of water over the gutters, which is hard to verify on a sunny day. Let a gutter installation expert do further investigation to determine any drainage problem not apparent to you.

Welcome spring with zero gutter problems. Call Advantage Seamless Gutters at 218.558.0575 to schedule your appointment in Alexandria, MN, and get a free estimate for any gutter service you may require.