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Are Your Downspouts Letting You Down?

Are Your Downspouts Letting You Down?

The gutters are the backbone of your roof’s drainage system, but the downspouts are just as important. These pipes are responsible for channeling rainwater safely to the ground and away from the property. More often than not, having them is not enough.

Are Your Downspouts Letting You Down?

So, how do you know if your downspouts are doing their job? If you ask Advantage Seamless Gutters, answering yes to any of these questions should raise doubt about the effectiveness of your current downspouts.

Do You Have Overflowing Gutters?

Any gutter installation expert knows that overflowing gutters can be caused by having too few downspouts. You may have a good number of gutters with adequate width, but they are useless if they do not have enough places to direct the rainwater they catch.

Do You See Stagnant Water in Your Yard After Raining?

With or without overflowing gutters, downspouts could be blamed for any ponding in the yard. The presence of any pond, especially one that is close to a downspout, suggests that the water is not diverted to the street accordingly. The nearest downspout could be too short to direct the water far enough from the house.

Do You Have Moisture Problems in the Basement?

If you have a damp basement, the excessive moisture could be due to poor rainwater drainage, courtesy of a problem downspout. If this is the case, even regular gutter cleaning service could not stop the water from getting into your underground space.

Do You Notice Soil Erosion and/or Flooding in Your Garden?

A storm could damage a beautiful garden, but the powerful runoff caused by a faulty downspout is also a likely culprit.

Do You Have Mold in Your Walkways?

Mold grows in constantly damp areas. If you notice signs of this miniscule pest on surfaces near a downspout, upgrading to seamless gutters alone will not solve the problem.

Advantage Seamless Gutters is adept in several remedies to counter poor downspout drainage problems. Call 218.558.0575 to set up an appointment with us and get a free estimate for any service you may need in St. Cloud, MN.