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Roof Soffit: Repair and Maintenance Tips

Roof Soffit: Repair and Maintenance Tips

Soffit is often overlooked during roof maintenance. It often takes a closer inspection before you notice the damage. But when this part of the roof remains unfixed, it can compromise the integrity of the whole structure.

Roof Soffit: Repair and Maintenance Tips

Without enough inspection, you won’t notice that it’s already rotting, which is a common problem with roof soffit. Sometimes, it can also be infested with wood borers, making the structure weak and easy-to-collapse even with mild storms.

Here are three tips local gutter installers recommend to keep your soffit healthy throughout the years to come.

1. Look for the Damage

When you spot the problem, you have to act quickly. Determine the extent of the damage. Is the wood rotten or infested? Check for telltale signs that your soffit is already giving way. These red flags will tell you that you need to call the experts: high concentration of moisture, small holes and missing parts of the wood, and decaying and soft wood surface.

2. Use High-Quality Materials

Don’t settle for cheap materials. Protect your new soffit by applying waxy sealer and anti-termite solutions. Make sure to tightly attach the crown molding under the soffit to hold it in place. And when in doubt, you can always ask a local gutter company for assistance.

3. Repair If Necessary

Repairing a damaged soffit can be fixed by four basic techniques: lap-joint splice, wood-epoxy, wood dutchman and replacement.

If you are unfamiliar with the first three, it’s a lot better to choose the last one. On the other hand, if you have a resident roofer around the neighborhood, you can hope that there are still soffit pieces left to salvage.

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