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An Overview of Different Kinds of Gutter Hangers

An Overview of Different Kinds of Gutter Hangers

Whether contractors are installing sectional or seamless gutters, they use hangers to make sure the system stays in place. Gutter hangers secure the gutters to the fascia and provide support, stability, and protection to the structure of your home. They are also essential to the functionality of your drainage system.

An Overview of Different Kinds of Gutter Hangers

Read on to discover different types of gutter hangers as well as their pros and cons.

Bracket and Straps 

These gutter hangers are typically used for half round gutters because they are wrapped around the gutter and secured to the fascia board. They offer great resistance against temperature and weather shifts but they require careful cleaning to remain intact. 

Spikes and Ferrules 

Contractors attach this type of hanger by driving a spike into a metal tube across the gutter, ending behind the gutter and attaching the gutter to the fascia board. Sometimes, these gutter hangers can contribute to the early deterioration of the fascia. Spikes and ferrules are also prone to expansion and contraction from freeze and thaw cycles. 

Hidden Hangers

Most professionals consider them as the best kind of fasteners for rain gutters. Installers place hidden hangers horizontally inside the gutter and screw them into the fascia board. They don’t only look more appealing than other types of hangers, but they also offer better support to gutter systems. Hidden hangers are ideal for areas that experience heavy rains. One more reason contractors prefer them is that they complement K-style gutters, which is currently the most popular gutter profile in the U.S. 

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