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How to Prevent Wood Rot Around Your Home

preventing wood rot

If drizzle gets into cracks and underneath painted or coated surfaces, it can cause wood rot around your home. If left untreated, this sly form of damage may spread and infect other components that are primarily made of wood, resulting in serious structural damage and even termite infestation. So, how do you prevent these issues from occurring? One of the leading gutter contractors in Minnesota shares tips in this article.

preventing wood rot

Look for Trouble Spots

The first step of preventing rot is determining which areas are most susceptible to it. Make a tour of your house and look for cracks and holes in the caulking around building openings, such as windows, doors and vents. Be sure to re-caulk these affected spots using a high-quality exterior caulk. Also, check for stains under eaves and on interior ceilings. You may have a roof leak problem. The best thing to do is call in a professional to patch up sources of leaks. 

gutter cleaning expert says that you need to be cautious about sagging or leaking gutters and downspouts as well. A buildup of leaves and debris can cause the water streaming in the gutters to overflow, leading to basement flooding and soil erosion.

Tips for Preventing Wood Rot

For decks, make sure to utilize decay-resistant or pressure-treated lumber. Another tip is to stain or paint all sides of all lumber before assembling them together for an outdoor building project. Finally, clean out your gutters at least twice a year to minimize clogs and prevent water from backing up and spilling onto the siding.

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