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An Essential Early Spring Cleaning Checklist

early spring cleaning

Now that the cold winter is over and the spring breeze has arrived, it is time to get your home ready for the warmer months. There are a number of household tasks that are crucial for a clean, healthy and exciting spring season. A gutter installation professional shares an essential to-do list below.

early spring cleaning
  • Repair cracked or peeling paint. Ice and snow are prevalent in the winter. Once these elements melt, the water can seep underneath painted or coated surfaces, leading to one of many moisture-related issues. Fortunately, patching up cracked or peeling paint is not too difficult and expensive to perform, so make sure to do the job right to ward off other concerns.
  • Clean your gutters. A gutter cleaning service is due in the spring. It is important to take time to clean out your gutters and ensure that there is no debris buildup. Clogs can interrupt the free flow of water, causing it to spill onto the siding and fascia. To minimize the time of gutter cleaning, opt to invest in a good gutter protection system.
  • Inspect your roof. Check out the condition of your roof from the ground up and look for cracked, broken or missing shingles. Any form of damage to your shingles can cause spring rain to trickle into the system and affect different parts, especially wood. It is a good idea to hire a professional contractor to assess the state of your roof so that no issues will be left behind.

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