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4 Snow Removal Mistakes You Must Avoid

Snow Removal in Brainerd MN

During the winter season, homeowners have a lot of snow removal tasks to do. While most people know that keeping sidewalks and driveways clear during the cold months is essential, some may not be aware that their homes also need attention. 

In this blog post, Advantage Seamless Gutters enumerates four common mistakes people make when it comes to snow removal so that you can avoid them this year.

4 Snow Removal Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Failing to Mow the Lawn Before Winter 

Mowing your lawn regularly not only keeps it neat and tidy but also ensures that the grass is healthy. When it comes to winter, it’s essential you give them one last mow before the frost truly sets in. This ensures that you would have healthy grass growing again when the snow melts. Cutting your grass short also attracts less debris from the snow and prevents the formation of snow mold.

2. Using the Wrong Tools   

Sometimes, a shovel wouldn’t be enough for clearing out the snow around your home, especially in tight places where it could melt and refreeze. Tools like snow rakes and heated cables are crucial to this task. Not only do they make the job easier and fast but also allow for better snow cleanup. 

3. Failing to Trim Your Trees and Bushes  

Trees and bushes provide natural insulation against extreme weather conditions. Still, they can also act as magnets for debris accumulation around your property’s perimeter. Keep these areas trimmed back regularly throughout the year, so there won’t be an issue come wintertime where they can hinder effective snow removal.  

4. Removing Snow by Yourself

Snow removal is a complex task, and only experts can get the job done right. Experienced professionals like gutter contractors are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to safely clear out ice and snow from high spaces. 

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