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Why Should Soffit and Fascia Need Proper Ventilation?

Why Should Soffit And Fascia Need Proper Ventilation

Whether you’re scheduling routine maintenance or planning a full roof replacement, any issue or problem spotted by your contractors must be addressed properly to prevent more damage and costly repairs later on in your roof’s lifespan. They’re aware of how each part works together to protect your home from the natural elements, including your soffit and fascia. But what are soffit and fascia, and what purpose do they serve on your roof?

Why Should Soffit and Fascia Need Proper Ventilation

How Your Soffit and Fascia Protect Your Roof 

The soffit is the horizontal underside that’s under the eaves of your roof. It’s usually exposed and overhanging. It can also be found under a ceiling, staircase or archway. The soffit also features small holes that help ventilate the attic. As for the fascia, you’ll see it as the horizontal board against your home’s exterior and the finishing edge connected to the ends of the roof. This extends to the front of the overhang of your roof. 

The fascia along with the vented soffits protect your roof’s area under the rafters from debris, insects and rodents that would nest beneath the eaves. They’re usually made of wood, but you can also get them in aluminum or vinyl. Many homes with vinyl siding often use vinyl soffits, but if you want a material that will last better in the long run, solid aluminum is usually the better choice. Consult with trusted roofing contractors to know which material is best for your roof.

Why Adequate Ventilation Is Important

The soffit and fascia should be equipped with adequate ventilation to keep constant airflow beneath your roof. Otherwise, moisture will slowly build up over time, which can lead to mold and rot. The wooden parts of your roof will become damaged, which can compromise your roof’s structural integrity. This is why you need good airflow under all parts of your roof. 

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