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What TAMKO® AstonWood® Shingles Can Do for You

What Tamko® Astonwood® Shingles Can Do For You

Metal roofs are no longer the ugly alternative to shingles. These days, you can get metal shingles that resemble the look of architectural mainstays like asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and tiles – all with metal’s signature longevity and toughness. And, as far as metal roofing is concerned, TAMKO® stands above the rest.

What TAMKO® AstonWood® Shingles Can Do for You

Durability and Looks Rolled Into One

Metal roofs often have a reputation for being too utilitarian, philistine and boring. This was a holdover from their early days as a purely industrial building component. Today, however, advances in manufacturing technology have made it possible to get stone-coated metal shingles with TAMKO’s MetalWorks® series. This technology gives the discerning homeowner a wide variety of textures, colors and styles that would have been possible only with other roofing materials a few decades ago.

Appeal is not the only thing going for it, of course. A metal roof is, first and foremost, a choice when you need uncompromising durability. Many homeowners enjoy the benefits of paying for reduced insurance premiums when they use a metal roof replacement to shelter their property.

Greener Roofs

The AstonWood® line (part of the MetalWorks series) features 28-gauge steel roofs, which are certified by ENERGY STAR®  and the Cool Roofing Council. Such products are reviewed and found to reduce a property’s heating and cooling costs. Every Astonwood shake, shingle or slate is 100% sustainable and can be easily recycled. This can help you qualify for tax rebates depending on state regulations.

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