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Only Professionals Avoid These Roofing Shortcuts

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If you don’t want your roof to start failing prematurely, make sure to work with an experienced roofer. This is the best way to avoid roofing issues and costly repairs because the professionals know that it takes not just quality materials, but also quality workmanship and proper procedure for a successful installation. And you avoid shortcuts and mistakes, such as: 

roof replacement consultation

Reusing Old Roofing Materials 

Even if some of your roofing materials like the flashing and vents still look intact, they’ll still have significant deterioration since their previous roof installation. Some contractors might also use old materials to try and make more money, so be sure that they do a full replacement. They may even recommend reusing your materials to save on some costs, but this is highly not recommended. Reusing old materials will only affect and shorten your new roof’s lifespan. It may also void its warranty as most manufacturers require that the roof must be replaced with brand new materials.

Not Following Proper Procedure

Reputable roofing contractors also know that it’s important to have each component installed precisely. They know that, if roofing materials like asphalt shingles and tiles aren’t installed according to manufacturer guidelines, they can come loose or break apart prematurely. That makes your roof more vulnerable to water leaks and other natural elements, which can compromise the wooden frames and seep through the ceilings and walls of your home. Only professionals understand how the configuration of how a roofing material is installed depends on the shape, style and size of your roof! 

Skipping Roof Tear-Off

When you choose to get a roof overlay to save on costs, you’re also choosing to skip a full tear-off and keep your old roof intact. An overlay is installing a new layer of roofing over your old one, which is dangerous because the old layer of the roofing will become an unnecessary weight over your home and affect its foundations. This is why roof overlays aren’t recommended and aren’t legal in some states. 

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