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Are Metal Roofs Better Than Other Roofing Types in Winter?

Are Metal Roofs Better Than Other Roofing Types In Winter

Between ice dams, heavy snow and iced up gutters, winter can put a lot of strain on any roofing system. Which is why it’s the season when homeowners call for roof repair services the most. While there’s little anyone can do about changing the weather, there are ways to design a roof that resists some of the most common problems winter brings. 

Are Metal Roofs Better Than Other Roofing Types in Winter

One good example of winter-proof roofing material is metal roof. Metal roofs have come a long way from the corrugated iron sheets used in industrial buildings. Today, metal roofs can be made to look almost as identical to asphalt shingles as possible. Here are some of the benefits a metal roofing system can provide your home this winter.

Winter Installations

Many of the materials used in roof replacement require dry and sunny conditions. Waterproof seals and barriers can often become less effective if they become wet during installation. This is where metal roofs have a distinct advantage. Metal roofs can be installed even in the middle of winter, barring snowstorms and other extreme weather. This means you can still schedule your replacement project while everyone else is waiting for spring.

More Energy-Efficient

There’s a popular misconception that because metals are good conductors of heat, they can make your home hotter. Metals can hold high amounts of heat, but they don’t necessarily pass that heat along to the rest of your home. This is great news during cooling seasons, but, sadly, you can’t rely on a metal roof to make your home warmer during winter. Thankfully, it can make your heating more efficient.

Shedding Snow

A lot of roofing contractors recommend metal roofs for the sole reason that this material sheds snow quicker than any other material. This means your roof will be under less weight during winter. You may want to put walking paths a little ways away from your eaves because falling snow can be dangerous.

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