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A Look at a Roof Replacement Project Timeline

A Look At A Roof Replacement Project Timeline

Replacing a roof is a lot of work. But if you know what to expect at every step of the way, it’s much easier to keep a cool head. Knowing the timeline of a roof replacement project, including the work and budget needed, makes every phase go more smoothly.

A Look at a Roof Replacement Project Timeline

So, what should you expect during the installation process? What are the things you should remember during the planning stage? Check out this walkthrough of a typical roof replacement project.

1. Before Installation

Expect a dumpster to come. When your roofing contractor plans to recycle the old materials, a second dumpster will be delivered. The new shingles will come next. Some roofing contractors will not inform you about their delivery schedule. In this case, you have to be the one to initiate. When the delivery comes, you may have to move around some of your stuff to make way for the trucks and storage of materials.

2. Actual Installation

Expect that the installation process will be loud and messy. If you have pets, the contractor might ask you to keep them in a safe room. Secure valuable or fragile things outside your house like statues, figurines and planters. You can coordinate with the team to minimize the noise and mess.

3. After Installation

Your contractors may go over the project with you to make sure that they’re not missing something. If you have concerns or additional requests, this is the time to raise all of them. Remember that you can ask them to clean the area before leaving. The dumpster will be picked up, and an inspector will evaluate the job.

Let’s Get to Work!

At [company_name], our commitment to our customers goes beyond roof repair and gutter installation – we make sure we understand our customers’ expectations and timeline for every project. Our crew members are insured to protect our customers, and we carry workers’ compensation to protect our employees. We also carry a contractor’s license to meet the rigid standards set by the state of Minnesota.

Let’s get to work on your next project. For your free, no-obligation consultation, call [company_number], or complete our contact form. We serve clients in Pequot Lakes, MN.