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5 Often-Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage

5 Often Overlooked Signs Of Roof Damage

While many signs of roof damage are obvious, others are not – and those can be just as dangerous to your roof as the most noticeable ones.

5 Often-Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage

  1. Whistling Sounds – If you hear whistling or whooshing sounds in your home on a windy day, it may be caused by wind going through small holes or gaps in the roof. If air can get in, there’s a good chance rain – or, more accurately, wind-driven rain – can get through the roof. Let your roofing contractor know if you hear such sounds. The only parts of the roof that should have airflow are the vents at the ridges and soffit.

  1. Buckling Shingles – Asphalt shingles may buckle as they age and are not easily noticeable until they form a cupped or curled shape. Regular visual inspections let you spot buckling shingles early. The sooner you let your roofing contractors know about it, the less repair work will be needed.

  1. Nails on the Ground Near the Roof Edge – Nails on the ground indicate loose shingles, which in turn indicate improper installation techniques or damaged shingles. In case of the latter, it’s not impossible that you’ll also find shingles on the ground. If the roof is still within the warranty period, your roofing contractor should be able to correct such installation errors.

  1. Blisters – Roofing blisters are often mistaken for hail damage, though they are completely different concerns. Blisters on asphalt shingles are caused by trapped moisture in the asphalt layer, which counts as a manufacturing error and should, therefore, be covered by a manufacturer warranty.

  1. Loose Granules in the Runoff – Finding a few loose granules in the rainwater runoff is no cause for alarm. However, if your gutters look like someone dumped a day’s worth of coffee grounds in them, then your asphalt shingles are getting worn out. If your roof is still within its expected lifespan (asphalt shingles typically last about 20 years), then this may be a case of premature wear and tear, which should be addressed by your trusted roofing contractor.

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