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5 Biggest Threats to Your Roof and How to Deal With Them

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Roofing materials have been tested and improved so they can last for decades protecting your home. However, the weather and other elements can still harm your roof in many unforeseen ways. This uncertainty makes regular inspections from roofing contractors critical. 

5 Biggest Threats to Your Roof and How to Deal With Them

Continue reading to discover five of the biggest threats to your roof that can cause damage.

1. Wind

Strong winds are one of the most destructive forces of nature. They can lift your shingles and expose the roof system’s various areas to water damage. 

Seeing asphalt shingles or fragments of it on the ground indicates that your roof has severely suffered wind damage. Call a roof repair company to conduct an inspection, and determine your roof’s overall condition after a storm.

2. Small Animals

Small animals seem adorable from afar, but they can cause damage to your roof if they gain access to it. Bats, raccoons and squirrels can tear away and scratch your asphalt shingles. Call a pest control specialist to help you remove the small animals from your roof to reduce any possible damage to your home.

3. Debris

Roofs are exposed to various types of debris, including pine needles, leaves and twigs from nearby trees. If neglected, the leaves and other debris will attract more moisture. Excessive moisture can cause your asphalt shingles to deteriorate more quickly. Always have your roof regularly cleaned by your trusted roof replacement company so you can avoid damage from these types of debris.

4. Ice and Snow

Ice forms on asphalt shingles when the temperature drops to freezing. Once the temperature rises and ice melts, the moisture can cause severe damage to the roof material. Snow can also melt above your roof if the attic doesn’t have proper insulation and ventilation. 

Ask a roofing company to evaluate your attic’s insulation and ventilation before winter arrives to ensure your roof can withstand the cold weather.

5. Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts will safely and efficiently remove rainwater from your roof if they are not clogged. If the gutters are sagging, water can back up onto your roof and cause damage. Schedule regular roof inspections to observe the condition of your gutter system and have experts conduct the necessary repairs.

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