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4 Ways Your Roof Helps You Save Energy

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Well-maintained roofs are always ready for any weather events. Inspections and maintenance by reliable roofing contractors before a storm will give your roof the best chance to survive the weather with minimal or no damage.  

4 Ways Your Roof Helps You Save Energy

Roofs that receive routine maintenance also have the biggest potential to help you save on utility costs. Here are four ways it makes your property more energy-efficient.

1. Insulation

You can improve your roof’s health and energy efficiency by improving your attic insulation. Excellent insulation is one of the ways to help stabilize the attic temperature. It also reduces heat transfer between your attic and living spaces. 

2. Ventilation

Good ventilation ensures your attic has a continuous supply of fresh air. The attic can be very hot during summer. Fortunately, exhaust vents remove excess heat, preventing shingles from warping and extending the lifespan of the roof. Then, the intake vents introduce fresh air to keep a consistent temperature in the attic. Make sure to check your attic ventilation during your next roof repair or replacement project.

3. Solar Reflection

A roof with high solar reflection can effectively reduce its surface temperature. By reflecting sunlight away from your home, it reduces the amount of solar heat that gets absorbed through your roof and transferred into your home. Combining high solar reflectance with proper insulation and ventilation will give you huge savings on your utility bills.

4. ENERGY STAR® Rating

ENERGY STAR® ratings indicate the level of energy efficiency of various building materials, appliances and other items. They can give you confidence about a roofing material’s capacity to contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency. That said, for your roof replacement project, look for ENERGY STAR-approved materials.

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