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4 Unexpected Roofing Costs You Must Know

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Roof repairs and replacements are among the most expensive home improvement projects. As much as possible, you want everything to stay within your estimated budget and timeline. However, there are unanticipated instances when you need to spend more than what you have actually planned.  

4 Unexpected Roofing Costs You Must Know

To help you prevent financial stress, Neumann Construction shares four factors that can unexpectedly increase your overall roofing costs.

1. Roofing Materials

Whether you’re undertaking a roof replacement or repair project, the materials that will be used play a crucial role in your total expenses. If you prefer using raw materials for your roofing shingles, these can drive up your project cost. Moreover, underlayment, boards, nails, flashing and other building materials must be considered when making a budget.

2. Disposal

Most homeowners overlook the need for the disposal of their existing roof and only realize it when the replacement is ongoing. Some people think that they can just have their new roof installed over the old one, but the truth is, this practice can only affect your roof’s performance and warranty. Remember that all removed shingles must be disposed of properly, which means you have to allocate enough budget for hauling and disposal services.

3. Inspection 

This process is crucial for your roofer to determine the scope of the repair or replacement. Usually, roof inspection fees are included in the cost of roof repair or replacement projects. While this means an additional expense, having your roof inspected is still beneficial because your contractor will be able to provide you with a more accurate project quote and other important details.

4. Labor

Not all roofing companies provide their services at a fixed rate. Their labor fees depend on their experience and certifications as well as the crew size required for your project. Hiring a reputable contractor can cost more, but it’s a practical choice because they can finish the work excellently, on time and within budget.

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