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Rain Diverters vs. Downspout Diverters: How Do They Differ?

Rain Diverters vs. Downspout Diverters: How Do They Differ?

Looking for accessories to reinforce your gutter system’s protection? Rain diverters and rain barrel diverters are popular options, but some homeowners confuse the two with each other.

Rain Diverters vs. Downspout Diverters: How Do They Differ?

Advantage Seamless, your go-to company for seamless gutters in the state, elaborates on the difference between the two below.

Rain Diverters: Aesthetic Necessity 

Rain diverters are inconspicuous strips of metal that are mainly installed for aesthetic purposes. Some homeowners find gutters to be visually unappealing, so they install rain diverters to divert rainwater toward the gutters.

However, rain diverters can serve a more functional purpose as well. They can be installed on homes with no front porch to keep you dry while you try to open your door or leave the house. Gutter contractors also install rain diverters on parts of the roof where gutters can’t be installed. Just keep in mind that they’re not a substitute for gutters; they’re more like a stand-in for your gutters on the more visible or inaccessible parts of your roof.

Rain Barrel Diverters: Extra Runoff Protection 

Meanwhile, rain barrel diverters or downspout diverters are usually installed for a more functional purpose. Rain barrels are used to collect excess rainwater runoff for future use; rain barrel diverters are used to make sure the stored rainwater in the barrels doesn’t spill on to the pavement. Once the barrel is filled, the excess water flow is diverted through a hose and back to the downspout. The rain overflow can be directed to a second barrel if there are additional ports on the diverter.

Although gutter accessories can never replace gutters, they can still play an important role in preventing moisture damage to your home. That’s why you should only hire a reputable contractor to install them and maintain your gutters.

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