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How to Properly Prepare Your Home for Bad Weather

How to Properly Prepare Your Home for Bad Weather

Weather can be unpredictable, which is why it makes sense to take proper precautions to ensure your home can withstand the elements and avoid damage. This means making the right preparations not just for your roofing system but also for the rest of your home. Advantage Seamless Gutters, one of the leading local gutter contractors, shares a few ways you can prepare your home for bad weather. 

How to Properly Prepare Your Home for Bad Weather

Install a Standby Generator

All the essential electronics, appliances and even the HVAC system would be useless if you don’t have power running in your home. In case the weather takes out the local power grid, you’ll need a standby generator that can conveniently get you through such situations. Most are fueled by liquid propane or natural gas, and you can have one installed in your basement or an unused room. However, depending on the make and size, a generator can also be installed outdoors. 

As you browse through different models, it won’t be difficult to find what best suits your needs and preferences. Even if you don’t need a conventional generator, you should at least get a portable one that’s capable of keeping a few appliances and lights running.

Maintain Your Gutters Properly

Your gutters are crucial to keeping your home dry. To ensure that they are working properly, a thorough gutter cleaning and maintenance must be done regularly. This should be done by an experienced professional who can closely inspect your gutters to clear out dirt and address any signs of damage. A professional will also check if the downspouts are positioned properly so that the water runoff is directed into the drain.

Perform a Home Inspection

Your home needs to be prepared inside and out before each season so that it can handle the weather effectively. Look for overhanging branches above your roof and trim them accordingly so that they won’t cause roof damage. This also prevents trees from affecting nearby power lines when strong winds blow through your area. Your windows and doors must be checked as well to see if they’re in good condition, but if you’re planning to replace them during the season, wind-resistant garage doors and shutters are strongly recommended. These can help prevent projectiles from smashing into your home during intense windstorms and other bad weather events.

When you need a local contractor to install seamless gutters, you can count on us to get the job done professionally. Call Advantage Seamless Gutters today at (218) 270-2663 or fill out our convenient online request form. We serve Baxter, MN, and the surrounding areas.