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Why Gutter Placement and Hanger Spacing Matters

Why Gutter Placement and Hanger Spacing Matters

It may seem like a straightforward procedure, but gutter system installations are complex jobs that are best left to local gutter contractors. For the gutters to perform their intended function, the entire process would require specific knowledge and skills. A single mistake can spell trouble for your home if you choose to do this on your own.

Why Gutter Placement and Hanger Spacing Matters

Gutter Pitch

A crucial part of any gutter installation is determining the gutters’ pitch. When seen from the ground, you might think the gutter system runs parallel to your home’s roofline. However, they’re slightly inclined to allow rainwater to flow toward the downspout without issues. Accurate measurements are taken by the pros to ensure adequate drainage. Ideally, gutter systems are pitched or sloped about one-fourth of an inch for every 10 feet.

Gutter Placement

Proper gutter placement plays an important role in protecting your home against the effects of water damage. Whether you are installing sectioned or seamless gutters, it is never a good idea to place them right on the roofline. Remember that rainwater pulls back up on the roof’s underside then drips down under the roof. Installing them too high and rainwater will run behind them, causing the fascia boards to get soaked with moisture to the point of deterioration.

Gutter Hanger Spacing

Proper hanger spacing depends on your local climate. For warmer climates, the hangers can be placed close to the center, with spacing no more than 36 inches or three feet apart. In areas with colder climates like Minnesota, the gutter system must be able to handle a larger amount of snow and ice for long periods. So, the spacing must be half the maximum distance or no more than 18 feet. Wrong placement can lead to sagging at certain spots.

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