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Which Fall Chores are For Kids and Which Ones are For Pros?

Which Fall Chores are For Kids and Which Ones are For Pros

Fall is the best time to do some home cleaning and maintenance. This also helps prepare your home better for when winter arrives. But fall chores aren’t something you should do on your own. How about enlisting your kids’ help? This way, you can make your fall home cleaning and maintenance tasks run easier and faster. Advantage Seamless Gutters, one of the premier local gutter installers in the area, shares which chores your kids can help you with.

Which Fall Chores are For Kids and Which Ones are For Pros
  • Raking leaves. A cover of autumn leaves on the lawn may look like something out of a postcard, but leaving them unchecked can deprive your grass of sunlight. This makes it difficult for them to grow once spring comes, which in turn, creates bald patches on your lawn. Clearing away the leaves with a rake is simple enough that kids can complete the task in no time at all.
  • Wiping down outdoor furniture for storage. Cleaning your outdoor furniture before putting them away for winter can help expedite the setup process when you have to haul them out of storage come spring. The cleanup only requires a wipedown with soapy water and a scrub brush–a chore your kids can handle with ease. 
  • Cleaning out the pantry. This is another simple task that will have your kids identifying expired food items, suggesting which stuff can be taken to a food bank and cleaning out the crumbs and debris from the shelves.

There are autumnal chores kids can do, but there are also tasks that will need the precise workmanship and expertise of a local gutter company like Advantage Seamless Gutters. These include:

  • Gutter Cleaning. Leaves and other loose debris tend to pile up inside your gutters during fall. The task is risky and extensive–but it’s something that our trained and experienced team can effortlessly. With our excellent gutter cleaning services, we’ll prevent blockages in your system and ensure its reliable draining performance.
  • Gutter Inspection. Advantage Seamless Gutters can perform a comprehensive inspection of your gutter system to identify hidden damage and ensure that it’s pitched correctly. If we do find any issues, we’ll deal with them effectively through prompt repairs.

When You Need a Gutter Professional, Just Turn to Us

Advantage Seamless Gutters specializes in high-quality gutter replacement service, but we also offer a whole suite of related solutions. If you need to have your gutters cleaned or repaired this fall, we are the trusted professional you can count on! Call us today at 218.558.0575 or fill out this contact form to schedule your online gutter consultation. We serve the areas in and around Baxter and Brainerd, MN.