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Replacing Gutters Along With Your Roof: What to Consider

Replacing Gutters Along With Your Roof: What to Consider

Major remodeling and renovation projects can be significant expenses, but they’re worth the investment, especially if you consider your home’s overall value and aesthetic appeal. One such example is roof replacement — according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 “Cost Vs Value Report,” replacing your old asphalt shingle roof allows you to recoup about 60% of the project’s total cost. 

Replacing Gutters Along With Your Roof: What to Consider

If you’re already planning to replace your old roofing system this summer, you might think about replacing your gutters as well. Advantage Seamless Gutters, your trusted source of high-quality K-style and half round gutters, explains what you need to consider.

When to Replace Gutters

When your contractor inspects your roof for the first time, he’ll take a look at your gutters and check for any sign of damage and other problems. If there are minor holes and gaps, a few repairs may be enough to keep your gutters intact. But some types of damage can’t be easily repaired, especially if the gutter system itself is nearing the end of its life span. If it looks visibly rusty, cracked and sagging, then it may be better to get a full replacement.

A Full Replacement Can Be Better

Even if your gutters look relatively intact, that doesn’t mean they can last as long as the new roof you’re about to install. It makes sense to tear off your old gutters and install new ones if they were installed at the same time as your current roof, as they may also be nearing the end of their functional life. You can also consider upgrading to better gutters, such as seamless gutters, which are more durable and reliable against the outdoor elements than their sectional counterparts.

Why It Won’t Always Be Necessary

If you think your gutters can last several more years, then it’s OK to leave them alone while installing a new roof. If your contractor suggests that you replace your gutters along with your roof, make sure to discuss your options and show him any problem areas in your current gutters that may simply need repair. If your gutters are found to be in good condition, then it isn’t necessary to replace them. 

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