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How to Take Care of Your Gutters in Winter

Clean and well-maintained gutters can help prevent winter damage to your home. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can cause brittleness, corrosion, and strain that leads to permanent damage. In this blog, the local gutter installers at Advantage Seamless Gutters will discuss how to take proper care of your gutters this winter season.

How to Take Care of Your Gutters in Winter

Clear Out Leaves and Debris

One of the most important steps in maintaining your gutters is to make sure they are free from leaves and other debris. While you can clean your gutters yourself, you’ll get much better results — not to mention it’s safer — if you have your gutters cleaned by professionals. In addition to scooping up leaves and debris from the gutters, professionals also check areas such as joints and downspouts to ensure reliable performance all year.

Check for Loose Sections

Inspect the gutters for loose sections. Ideally, the gutter troughs should have minimal movement when you poke it gently with a broom handle or a similar tool. Loose sections indicate problems with joints or hangers that could lead to meltwater flowing towards the ground instead of the downspouts. Loose gutters are also at a higher risk of falling to the ground from the weight of accumulated ice and snow. If you find loose sections or signs of them, call your local gutter company as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye Out for Holes and Cracks

Holes and cracks are caused by corrosion and strain. They usually grow over time, leading to leaks. Fixing holes and cracks involve more than just applying sealant: they have to be sanded, treated, and sealed to make sure that they won’t get worse. In some cases, one or more sections may need to be replaced. In any case, leave gutter repairs to the pros.

How to Protect Gutters from Freezing Temperatures

A gutter protection system can help protect your gutters from snow and ice by keeping them away from the gutter troughs. A gutter heating system, typically an add-on to gutter protection systems, adds the option to melt ice and snow over the gutters, keeping them flowing into the gutter troughs or letting them slide to the ground.

If you need help with keeping your gutters in great shape all year round, call the trusted gutters replacement service contractor inBaxter and Brainerd, MN, Advantage Seamless Gutters, at (218) 270-2663. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.