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Top 5 Home Tasks That Are Best Left to the Pros

Taking the DIY route can be good for many home tasks, but some tasks require a combination of specific skills, equipment and a considerable degree of risk — tasks that are better left to professionals. In today’s post, Advantage Seamless Gutters takes a look at the home tasks that are best left to the pros.

Top 5 Home Tasks That Are Best Left to the Pros
  1. Gutter installation. New gutters need to be designed and built precisely. After choosing the gutter material and profile, the size needs to be calculated based on factors such as roofing slope and the average recorded rainfall in the area. Building gutters requires precise cutting tools and safety equipment. Additional equipment is needed for seamless gutters, as the gutter lengths are shaped and cut on-site. The costs of acquiring or renting such equipment can make such projects impractical for a DIYer; something you won’t have to worry about when working with pros.
  2. Gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning requires climbing the roof’s edge, which can put you at great risk of fall injuries. In comparison, gutter professionals like us are equipped not just with the right cleaning equipment, but also with safety gear. Our insurance coverage also protects our clients from liability in case of injuries sustained on site. Gutter guards can help reduce the need for gutter cleaning, as they keep solid matter out of the gutters — a professional solution worth investing in.
  3. Roof repair and maintenance. Like gutter cleaning, any kind of roofing work involves a risk of fall injury. Doing your own repairs and maintenance may also risk voiding your warranty coverage.
  4. Tree trimming and removal. Keeping a good clearance between the roof and the trees in your yard can help protect the roof from damage caused by sharp branches, as well as clogging caused by leaves in the gutters. In addition to the aforementioned risks of injury, incorrect trimming can harm the tree itself. Whether you need a tree trimmed or removed, it’s best to leave it to a professional arborist.
  5. Electrical work. DIY electrical work can be hazardous, not just during but after the fact. Improper electrical work has been known to cause problems, from equipment malfunction to house fires. Unless you’re a licensed electrician, it’s best to avoid the risks and get a local licensed electrician.

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